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February 28, 2018

News & Entertainment Apps

Things to check out, if it strikes your fancy, in the category of new and entertainment Apps Wired Magazine (they have a free copy) and it is good just to see what can be done with the eMagazine Economist — great for roadtrips in that you can download the audio, and press play and it will “read” through the magazine article Netflix – the app isn’t as good as it could be, but when you

An App A Day: Converting Microsoft Word Doc to PDF for Mark-up
February 28, 2018

An App A Day: Converting Microsoft Word Doc to PDF for Mark-up

Apps: GoodReader + Pages Here is the situation: You’ve just received a word document, and you want to add some notes, or make some edits for a colleague to see. Problem is that Pages, Apple’s iWorks word processing App, isn’t great for comments. And, Good Reader let’s you read a word document, but not mark it up. (And, for some strange reason, Good Reader won’t let you convert the word document into a PDF). So,

Systematically Reducing Energy Consumption
February 28, 2018

Systematically Reducing Energy Consumption

My wife and I moved into our house about three years ago. It was an energy guzzler. We considered Solar, but with the number of years to get to break-even, we thought we should first look at whether we can start by reducing waste first. And, of course, being a researcher at heart, the only way to gauge the extent of our success is to track it! Using the data pulled down from P&G, our

February 28, 2018

Forecasting Social Media Impact: The TMR Tool we will announce at Internet Week.

Ad Age got the scoop on our product announcement at Internet week. This is a big deal in terms of channeling the wild west into respectable marketing planning society. I’ll blog more about exactly how it works after the announcement is “public” on Monday. You can get a sneak peak from the Ad Age story.

February 28, 2018

How Does Social Media Create Value for A Marketer?

Social media works differently than traditional advertising. It creates value in part through engaging those already interested in the brand, and encouraging those people to share their brand enthusiasm with others. And, when people do pass along indicators of brand affection, this influence in others. Marketing Evolution has quantified this pattern of impact for the first time in 2007, and termed it “The Momentum Effect.” This research has been highlighted in a slew of books,

February 28, 2018

What is our “Fair Share” of the Federal Budget?

It is Sunday, and I spent the morning playing with my kids, as my wife watched a little CNN for the weekend politics. Obama has a lot to say about people pays their fair share, and it got me thinking, I wonder what is my fair share. Since income inequality is often analyzed by dividing wealth by population, then looking at the distribution of actual wealth vs. even distribution, I thought I’d try to do

February 28, 2018

Fisker Karma vs. Tesla Model S: The tail of two fires.

Tesla Model S outsold Fisker Karma more the 20 to 1 in the first year. Marketing plays a meaningful role. Having written a few chapters on marketing a new car in my latest book SIRFs Up, using Fisker as an example, I discussed how to go about marketing a new eco-chic car. I interviewed Tesla marketing execs in the process, and was impressed with them then, and even more so now. While I happen to

February 28, 2018

Driving Drives Tiger’s Golf Wins

I gave Eureqa (pronounced Eureka, but spelled with a Q&A) software a try. I decided to feed it Tiger Woods golf stats from 1997 to 2009 (with 2009 as a hold out). I wanted to see how the software worked to predict his wins, using the number of tournaments he entered, driving, fairways, greens and putts. I got the data from I normalized and removed the 2004 outlier, which the software made REALLY EASY.

February 28, 2018

Why I started

When I moved from California last year to the lower tax state of Nevada, my family and I decided to commit part of our tax savings to local charities. I grew up poor, and always felt grateful to be able to give back. My focus is on (1) Food & Family services and (2) Education. I am particularly interested in areas that open up economic opportunities for those that want to work hard and achieve

February 16, 2018

Computer Science Education Week

This post comes to you from my son, Caleb. He is helping me organize a Code contest for kids, using Scratch. You will find more information at CALEB’S BLOG: (Tales of 5th Grade Coder) In about a month I had created my first good project. It was called space dodgers. It took me a few hours to create. I think the hardest part of making Space Dodgerz was the effort of making the game.

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