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Author: Israel Hamilton

Book: Picture History Of Indigenous People For Kids

Year: 2023


The world's first ever Picture History Of Indigenous People's animation book created from the Indigenous Community is now here. "Picture History Of Indigenous People For Kids" is a captivating picture history book specifically designed to introduce young readers to the rich and diverse cultures of American Indians in ancient times as well as modern times. With its vivid illustrations and engaging images, this book offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives, traditions, and contributions of various indigenous peoples.

The book takes you through the day and life of modern indigenous children with images and words that kids can enjoy and relate to. Through a combination of beautifully illustrated scenes and concise yet informative text, children will discover the remarkable histories of indigenous people.

With its captivating visuals, informative content, and interactive elements, this picture history book provides an engaging learning experience for children of all ages. It serves as a gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous American history, inspiring young minds to celebrate the incredible tapestry of cultures that have shaped North America. THIS BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! CLICK THE ICON BELOW.


Author:  John Ogilby

Book:  America: Being the Latest and Most Accurate Description of the New World

Year: 1671


This image is a painting from the 1600's from a book published in 1671 clearly displaying NEGROID Tribes of American Indians.  Most of the images that reflect Ancient Negroid Tribes have been hidden from public view for the sake of visionary correlation. If these images were publicly displayed, they would resonate in the spirits of Black Americans and it would force them to do extensive Geneaological research into their ancestry instead of believing the LIE that all Black Americans are descendants of African slaves which the U.S. Government cannot prove. This picture was painted during the time when there were no cameras available so most people painted what they saw in their daily vision. During the Reconstruction or The Renaissance Era, many images of American Indians were changed to fit the more Asiatic Mongolian Native American Tribes due to politics and economics. The lighter skinned Native Americans on Reservations today fit the "Hollywood" standard of how society feels we should view American Indians and that is the narrative that is being pushed down the throats of our children and average Americans. 


Indians And The Census 1790-1970

This History of the Census is a very important topic when referring to American Indians. This Census will provide vital information on how paper genocide was carried out against the Black Indians.


Free People Of Color

During the time of colonial America, American Indians were often classified as "Free People Of Color" learn that History here.


History Of Indian Tribes Of America

Learn The History Of Indians Tribes In America.


Negro Law Of South Carolina

The Negro Laws in South Carolina definitely stripped American Indians of their heritage. Once the other Southern States caught wind of it, they started using the same exact methods to disenfranchise the American Indians.


Source: The Dallas Express Newspaper Dallas, Texas


Dr. Alfonso Leon De Garay, a Biology Professor and Geneticist who founded the Department Of Genetics School Of Medicine Of The Autonomous University Of Puebla in 1963, shows Genetic matches to Black Americans among one of the most secluded Mayan Tribes Of Mexico "The Lancandone Indians". The Lacandone Indians mutation response to Malaria Infection (Sickle Cell Trait) found commonly in "Black Americans" is identified in the Lancadone Indians.


1866 Indian Treaty (Cherokee)

Restitution due to Indigenous Black Americans.


1866 Indian Treaty (Seminole)

Restitution due to Indigenous Black Americans.


1866 Indian Treaty (Creek)

Restitution due to Indigenous Black Americans.


Negroid Olmec Heads

History: The Olmecs are considered the "Mother Culture" of Mexico. All of the Laws, Spirituality, and Codecs that were established in Mexico was considered the "Mother Culture".  As you can see this Olmec's NOSE and LIPS were chopped to hide his NEGRO FEATURES. Whoever attempted to chop his nose and lips did not get to finish the job. Many will deny that these Olmecs are Negroes in order to continue the narrative that "All American Blacks came from Africa as slaves" just so they won't have to credit us as the First Americans. This Olmec is beyond a shadow of a doubt, a Negro. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW AS THE MEXICAN WOMAN CONFIRMS MY STATEMENT.

Location: La Venta, Mexico

Negro Olmecs

1866 Indian Treaty (Choctaw & Chickasaw)

Restitution due to Indigenous Black Americans.


10 Pieces Of Evidence Proving Negro Presence In America Before Columbus

For a long time we've been hearing about Pre-Columbian Negroes in America. This article provides proof and even names European explorers who had first hand accounts of Negro Tribes in America when they reached the New World.


Pre-Columbian Negro Skulls In America

This article was published in 1939 showing Pre-Columbian Negro skulls found at Indian Burial sites.


Oldest American Skeletons Are Negroes

This article was published in 2005 showing Pre-Columbian Negro skulls found in the Americas. These Skulls had West African Dental Stuctures which prove that they were ancestors of today's American Blacks.


Artist: Original Mayans (Negroes)

Location: Bonampak, Mexico

Year: 790


The Bonampak Murals were painted by the Mayans themselves around the year 790. This is a painting of how they depicted themselves clearly showing Negroid features. There have been many other paintings, especially in South America, of Ancient Paleo-Indians depicting themselves as Negroes. (See Civilization And The Ancient Egyptians by Katanga A. Bongo)

Ancient Black Mexican Tribes

This article was published in 2015 showing alot of Genetic evidence linking Black Americans to Ancient Black Tribes Of America.


Lancandone Mayan Indians Linked To Black Americans

This article was published by Albin Matson and Jane Swanson showing evidence of the genetic linkage of one of the most secluded Mayan Tribes "Lacandone Indians" to Black Americans.

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