An App A Day: Converting Microsoft Word Doc to PDF for Mark-up

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Apps: GoodReader + Pages

Here is the situation: You’ve just received a word document, and you want to add some notes, or make some edits for a colleague to see. Problem is that Pages, Apple’s iWorks word processing App, isn’t great for comments. And, Good Reader let’s you read a word document, but not mark it up. (And, for some strange reason, Good Reader won’t let you convert the word document into a PDF). So, how to you get from Microsoft Word to marked-up pdf?

First, take the Word doc (either in email, or in a App like dropbox or and hold you finger over it until “open in” shows up. Open in “Pages”.

Now, in Pages, tap on the top left, and return to “My Documents”. Below, you will now see a few symbols. The first one “send to” (with the arrow shooting out of the square”) is the one to tap. Email the document.

Next, you will see that you can send it as a PDF (or pages or word doc). Select PDF, type in your email address, and jump over to your email program.

Now, in the email program, you can tap and hold the PDF document, and select “Open in Good Reader”.

And, finally, you are good to go. You can mark-up the PDF document to your hearts content!

(Now, why Good Reader doesn’t do the conversion for you is beyond me, but this work around only adds a minute or two of pointless tapping, and then you’re on your way).
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