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Things to check out, if it strikes your fancy, in the category of new and entertainment Apps

Wired Magazine (they have a free copy) and it is good just to see what can be done with the eMagazine
Economist — great for roadtrips in that you can download the audio, and press play and it will “read” through the magazine article
Netflix – the app isn’t as good as it could be, but when you use it in combination with the netflix website, it works well.
Kindle — automatically makes anything you have on your kindle available on your iPad, and is a great reading experience… (Though, I prefer the kindle itself as a pure ebook reader).
Friendly — Reader for facebook, see post in social media on Friendly and other apps.
CNBC (great for financial news, stock quotes)

Jonathan Adams recommended the Grey’s Anatomy App, because “it has watermark technology that saves your place when you leave and come back” (and presumably because he likes Grey’s Anatomy. Though, knowing Jonathan, he may just think the technology is cool!).

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