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Medicine Man displays a masterpiece with this History Of The Americas clearly proving who the Aboriginal Inhabitants are. We must unlearn the lies to re-learn the truth.


Year: 2019



This was a masterpiece put together by Ab The Legend. Clearly we can see throughout American History that we, as Indigenous Black Americans have been reclassified as "Black, Negro, Colored, Mulatto" and every other byword besides who we truly are. This video debunks any "Out Of Africa" theory. WATCH BELOW

Year: 1955

Title:  Bold Journey | South American Indians (Negroes)


Mr. Herman Jensen did a great job documenting this South American Indian Tribe. As you can see the Tribes were Negroes with wooly hair. You can't make this stuff up the truth is right here in your face. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see the truth for yourself.

Author: Chief Elwin Warhorse Gillum

Tribe: Tchefuncta Nation - Chahta Tribe

Title: Chief Warhorse Breaks Down Reclassification Of American Indians


The Chief had a thorough explanation and she broke it down correctly. All of her information correlates with the information that Jack Forbes presents in his book "Africans and Native Americans" and my "Indians And The Census" PDF. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE.

Year: 2015

Title: Black Before Columbus: The Discovery Of America

Author: Odd Salon


European explorers often wrote in their diaries that Negro Tribes were in the New World upon their arrival. Listen to some of the History here.

Year: 2001

Title: Black Indians: An American Story

Author: Richard Heape

Narrator: The Legendary James Earl Jones

Year: 2018

Title: An American Deception: America's Dark Skinned Past

Authors: Tavis Sanders And Renee Sanders

Year: 2023

Title: Mayan Slavery

Authors: The Research Guy

Year: 2023

Title: History Of The Blackfeet Indians

This is the Real History Of America before Columbus and 1492 regarding the Blackfeet Indians (Indigenous People). Many Blackfeet Indians were described as "Black People", "Black Men" ext. This is the True Ancient Origins Of The Native Americans. Watch and explore the Real History Of America Before Columbus and see the True Ancient Origins Of The Native Americans.

Year: 2020

Title: DNA Testing For Race Is Not Reliable

We have all been led to believe that DNA testing is reliable when trying to trace our heritage back to our ancestors, but the companies themselves admit that these test are nothing more than entertainment. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO LEARN MORE.

Author: The Research Guy

Year: 2023

Title: History Of The Tobacco Indians

This lecture examines the slaves that were brought to America proving that 98% of so called African Americans are in fact, American Indians!

Year: 2023

Title: Chief Osceola

Author: The Research Guy

Chief Osceola the Seminole Negro.

Year: 2018

Title: All Black Americans Ain't African

Author: Jay Nightwolf

Who Are The Aborigines? American Negro Is The American Indian. BREAKDOWN! 

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