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David Imhotep

Author:  Dr. David Imhotep PhD.

Book:  First Americans Were Black: Documented Evidence Expanded And Revised

Published:  2011


Dr. David Imhotep gives us a classic and he defintely did his homework with this masterpiece.  Of course alot of so called Native Americans are upset and some will call this pseudo information but you can't discredit "Receipts". It is my honor to present this book on my site. This is the EXPANDED and REVISED VERSION with even more evidence than the first book. This book is now available on AMAZON. Click The Amazon Icon To Purchase This BOOK.


Author: Barnard Shipp

Book:  The History Of Hernando De Soto And Florida; or, Record Of The Events Of Fifty-six Years, From 1512 to 1568

Published: 1881


pg, 491 "There was in the first a very large very Black Indian of an aspect different from those who inhabit the interior of the country"


That statement by Desoto was no mistake. He was clearly showing the difference between the "interior Indians (plains Mongoloids) from the Southern Indians (Negroes) and this was a great book. Hernando Desoto explored Florida in the year 1512 so the Black Indians that were there, could not have come here by slaveships and before Christopher Columbus. I do have this PDF for FREE DOWNLOAD and the physical books are available for purchase.


Author:  Alexander Von Wuthenau

Title: Unexpected Faces In Ancient America, 1500 B.C.-A.D. 1500: The Historical Testimony Of Pre-Columbian Artists

Published: 1986


pg. 36 "The startling fact is that in all parts of Mexico from Campeche in the east, to the South coast of Guererro, and from Chiapas next to the Guatemalan border, to the Panuco River in the Hausteca Region (North Of Veracruz) archaeological pieces representing Negro people have been found especially in archaic or Pre-Columbian times." This book destroys the false narrative that so called African Americans only inhabited the Americas via the Transatlantic Slavetrade. American Negroes being present in Pre-Columbian times are documented all throughout this book. Great Read!


Author: Constantine Samuel Rafinesque

Book:  Atlantic Journal And A Friend Of Knowledge

Published: 1833


pg 86. "My second memoir was on the Negro or Black Nations found in America before Columbus wherein I proved their existence" 


It is safe to say that Negro Tribes were in America long before slavery and Christopher Columbus. This book is a must have in your Library. Many European explorers documented seeing Negro Tribes in the Americas but for politicals purposes and so that Europeans can push a forced agenda called "Indoctrination" and "Controlling The Narrative" these books have been hidden from public view. Here you can download the PDF for FREE and it's also available online for purchase.


Author:  S. Pony Hill, Holdalee S. Sewell

Title: A Type Of People: The Native American Heritage Of Holmes County Florida

Published:  2017


Many individuals have not learned the History of the United States Census. Many American Indians were classified as Black, Negro, Colored, White, and Mulatto in various records most of the time for racial discriminatory or political purposes. When observing Census records you'll often come across the races "Black, Negro or Mulatto" for non-mixed full Blooded American Indians or sometimes mixed Indians who had their Indigenous roots stripped away through paper genocide. So, we must be careful when we examine Census and other records that read "Negro, Colored, Mulatto or Black" for race because that person may not be in any of those racial categories and most times it's only  an American Indian who has been reclassified as such. You can easily find this book for sale on


Author:  Jack Forbes

Title: Africans and Native Americans

Published: 1981


The average American has no idea that American Indians were taken to West Africa as slaves. If this information was public it would seal the connection in understanding that most Black Americans are descendants of American Indians and not Africans. 

pg 86. "To the visitor in the South the physical characteristics of many Negro slaves bore witness to their Indian origin"


Author:  Whanstachanah P. Kanyon

Title: 103 Amazing Facts About The Black Indian Of The Western Hemisphere

Published:  2003


This book has so many GEMS in it that it would be a great benefit to read this book thorougly. I've read it multiple times and I enjoyed every minute of it. This book is for sale for over $200,000 dollars and it's very hard to get a physical copy, but the PDF is here for FREE DOWNLOAD for your own personal enjoyment.


Author:  Constantine Rafinesque

Title: American Nations Or Outlines Of A National History Of The Ancient And Modern Nations Of North And South America

Published: 1836


pg 89. "There were Tribes of all colors in America as now in Pre-Columbian times and even Negro-like Tribes" 

This book is loaded wiith History of Ancient Black American Tribes. Constantine Rafinesque did a wonderful job on documenting the History Of European Explorers who were in America in Pre-Columbian times.


Author:  William Penn

Title: William Penn's Own Account Of The Lenni Lenape Or Delaware Indians

Published:  1683


pg 21. "The Lenape Indians are Black, but by design like the Gypsies in England" 

Many of the Indigenous Nations around the world were black people. Only when we get to America, these so called Indigenous Nations become pale skinned with long straight black hair. This book was an exciting read and a must have in your library. You can get this book on


Author:  John Ogilby

Title: America: Being The Latest And Most Accurate Description Of The New World

Published: 1671


This book is the phenom of all books regarding the Indigenous Black Americans. When you want a description of what the Americans Indians looked like 400 years ago, this is the go to book. Many of these images are in Black and white but there are many apps you can use to add color to them. I have included this 800+ plus page book for FREE DOWNLOAD on PDF for your viewing and reading enjoyment. Some of the images in this book date back to the early 1600's. This book is amazing and a super must have in your library.


Author:  Hubert Howe Bancroft

Title: The Native Races Vol 1.

Published:  1882


pg 364. "Their complexion is much darker than the Tribes further North being nearly black; so with their matted bushy hair which is frequently cut short they present a very uncouth appearance" 

Notice the matted (dreadlocks) and bushy (fro styled) hair is pointed out in this description. These Tribes in California seem to descend from Queen Califia and the Indigenous Black Californian Tribes and they were always described as Negroes. Even during the Pre-Columbian times they were always described as Negroes.


Author:  J.H. McCulloh

Title: Researches, Philosophical, Antiquarian, Concerning Aboriginal History Of America

Published: 1829


This book is an amazing read. J.H. McCulloh definitely details his encounters with the Black Indians and describes them as Negroes. At this point, denying that there were Blacks in America in Pre-Columbian times is a 100% false and racist narrative being pushed. I've included the PDF for FREE DOWNLOAD. 


Author:  Harold Faber

Title: The Discoverers Of America

Published:  1992


pg. 158 "They are dark in color not too much different than the Ethiopians" 

When Giovanni Verrazano made it to the coast of the Carolinas in 1524 he encountered the American Indians in which he described as "Negroes". There is no way that these American Indians were today's pale skinned Asiatic Native Americans and this also proves that American Negroes were already in America before Columbus. These were Tribes of adult males he was describing which means they were here prior to 1524.


Author:  Katanga A. Bongo

Title: Civilization And The Ancient Egyptians

Published: 1829


Katanga A. Bongo goes in with the History in this book. She talks about how Americans Indians actually brought civilization to Africa and how American Indians being depicted as Negroes have been ignored all over the world. All of these facts have been ignored until now. This book is a very good read. Make sure to buy this book on Amazon immediately. It's amazing how so many people around the world know who we are, except us!


Author:  George M. Frederickson

Title:  The Black Image in the White Mind: The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny, 1817-1914

Published: 1987


pg. 78 "Archaeological and Cranialogical evidences proves American Negroes are not Africans"

Dr. Gliddon and Samuel Morton got together to examine and compare skulls of Ancient Africans and American Negro slaves and based on their skeletal and cranial structure, it was determined that they were not the same people. This information has been here for almost 40 years and we have never examined any of this History. This book is a classic and a must have. 


Author:  Alison Bernstein

Title: American Indians And World War ll: Toward A New Era In Indian Affairs

Published: 1991


The U.S. Military tried to force Choctaw Indians and some Cherokee Indians to register in the Military as "African" because of their Negroid features. Some Tribes accepted that reclassification, but the Choctaws would not stand for it. Eventually the Choctaw Indians had to take the Military to court in order to be registered as "Indians". While doing your Geneaology you will come across Military records that state your ancestors race as "African" but most times it's just an American Indian who was reclassified as African.


Author:  Tatiana Seijas

Title:  Asian Slaves In Colonial Mexico: Chinos To Indians

Published: 2015

This book gives detailed information on how Asian Slaves became today's Native Americans. By reading this book I realized that the people you call "Native Americans" today are nothing more than a Government creation. You can find this book for purchase on



Author:  Angela Y. Walton-Raji

Title: Black Indian Genealogy Research: African-American Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes, An Expanded Edition

Published: 2019


This is another Genealogical Research book with some very useful information in it. Please read this book thoroughly before you start doing your Genealogy. This book is for sale on Amazon.


Author:  Peter De Roo

Title:  History Of America Before Columbus, According To The Documents And Approved Authors

Published:  1900

pg. 308 "Winchell further adds that Dr. Morton insisted upon the racial unity of the American Aborigines and their distinctness from the Mongoloids" clearly showing the difference between the American Aborigines (Negroes) and Native Americans (Asians) 



Author:  Constance Irwin

Title: Fair Gods And Stone Faces

Published: 1964

This book has alot of archaeological evidence that Negroes were in the Americas in ancient times. Sculptures of clay mask and also jade mask have been presented clearly showing American Negroes were here thousands of years before Columbus. This is one of the many pieces of evidence that debunks the  "Transatlantic Slavetrade" and the "Out Of Africa" theory created by Melville Herskovitz and his companions. This book is available on Amazon.

Negroes Discovered America.jpg

Author:  Leo Wiener

Title:  Africa And The Discovery Of America Volume 2

Published:  1922

This book details all of the evidence and clues to prove that so called African Americans are indeed the true Aboriginals of America. Leo Wiener lays out the harsh reality that America has avoided for Centuries. So called Black Americans are the rightful owners of America.



Author:  Ronald R Sanders

Title: Lost Tribes And Promised Lands: The Origins Of American Racism

Published: 1992

This book has a lot of information and history pertaining to the American Indians being of Ancient Israelite Origin. Many Scholars and Missionaries from the 1800's and even some of Columbus's Journal suggest that American Indian are of Hebraic descent. Study this History here. This book is available on Amazon.


Author:  George Constable

Title:  Feast And Wisdom Of The Ancients

Published:  1990

This book details some of the American Indian language being very similar to the Ancient Hebrew language. This book even features a picture of a "Block style Hebrew" (Ancient Hebrew) stone with Hebrew writing on it in which an American Indian was buried with the stone. This Ancient Hebrew writing was a rendition of the 10 Commandments which led many to believe that American Indians are descendants of Ancient Israelites.

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